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The Code of St.-Pb employer
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We, representatives of St.-Petersburg business society - employers and members of small and middle business associations and unions:

  • recognizing our responsibility for Russian destiny,
  • following the traditions of Russian business, moral standards of St.-Petersburg,
  • strengthening the reputation of St.-Petersburg as cultural capital of Russia,
  • recognizing that the development of effective market economy is impossible without stable system of corporative relations based on fair competition.

We declare voluntary obligation to follow standards of business ethics in our business activity.

I.The responsibility of employers for their actions.

  • Well follow the basic principles of business responsibility for its actions and will respect the dignity and interests of our business partners.
  • We mustnt be convinced that the social significance of business is the creating of social wealth: working seats, goods and services for consumers. The fair correlation of goods price and quality is the most important ingredient of business responsibility.
  • We are obliged to improve the living conditions of our workers and others who create the wealth of Russian society via just distribution of profits.
  • Well conduct our business on the basis of honesty and justice in the relations with business partners and competitors.
  • We deny the actions which course the loss to peoples health and environment.

II.Principles of relations with business partners.

  • We respect our suppliers, subcontractors, customers and appeal them to be opened and honest in their actions as well.
  • We guarantee the observance of agreement conditions and contract relations protecting to prevent unnecessary legal hearing.
  • We are ready to the development long stable relations with business partners on the name of quality competability and reliability increase of manufacturing goods, productions and services.
  • We aspire to solve conflicts by means of talks and alternative dispute resolution, to respect the judgment of independent arbiters.

III.Principles of relations with competitors.

  • We are for the honest competition and fair promotion of goods and services.
  • We are strangers to illegal kinds of activity, racing for super incomes which violate principles of equal possibilities for all employers.

IV.Principles of relations with consumers.

  • Our advertisement always will be fair and reliable. We respect all consumers not regarding where they buy goods and services.
  • Well aspire to increase the level of services, goods quality and to remove defects in time.
  • The straight duty of employer is a care about health and safety of consumer.

V.Principles of relations with authorities.

  • We oblige to support that state politics which promotes the harmonic development of business, society and mens personality.
  • Well assist to observe the acting legislation.
  • We are ready to cooperate with authorities to improve legislation and standards via the associations and unions.
  • We reject all no legislative influence to the courts and other authorities adoptions.

VI.Principles of relations with employees.

  • We respect the dignity of any employee, seriously treat his interests and have responsibility for just wage and conditions of labor.
  • We oblige to be attentive to proposals, ideas, demands and complaints of our employees.

VII.Principles of relations with associations and societies.

  • Well develop tight collaboration with different associations and civil societies, business unions and consumers organizations.
  • We are ready to help people via charity and to promote our workers to participate in the live of society.

Accepted at the 1st Forum of small and middle business.
The 4th of April 2003

  Not commercial partnership «The Fair Business Bureau of St.-Petersburg»
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