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Abstracts of the articles

No. Article Abstract
1 "21.12.2006. Yuri Ignatev: The question of business ethics will be rised on the next Forum of St.-Pb employers" / An interview to a correspondent of the site "Business Help" The answers are given to the questions: How does the notions "business" and "ethics" live together? What is the value of Employers Code for the businessmen of St.-Pb? How do you see the future of business ethics?
2 "The Fair Business defends consumers interests" / The Journal "Mr.Consumer in St.-Pb" N 5, 2005. Fair employers are interested to produce a quolitative goods and services if they came to the market not for one day. They are interested to widen relations with consumers and they would resist the unsatisfactory business. "The Code of St.-Pb employers" was the basic for the Fair Business Associations of other Russian regions. The delegates from 7 Russian regions visited the 5th conference devoted to the standards in business ethics in St.-Pb in 2005.
3 "Ethical Business to the Great City" / The Journal "Mr. Consumer in St.-Pb" N 2, 2005. The members of the national Russian market return to the basics of common human moral treasures. That is confirmed by the increased interest to the business ethics. The relations "business - consumer", "business - business", "business - employeer", "business - not government organizations" are the main components of ethics Code of St.- Pb employers. The Fair Business Bureau became from the relations "business-consumer", developed some standards of business ethics in that direction and servey the field of reletions "business - business" now. It developed a trade logo "The Trust Mark", the rules of its use and the rules for Alternative Dispute Resolution Comission.
4 "Analysis of consumers complaints of 2005"/ The Journal "Mr. Consumer in St.-Pb" N 4, 2005. The analysis of Consumers Complaints Data Base Gives the information about situation on the city consumers market. Company "Merloni" was the leader of complaints on washing machines and refrigerators in 2005. In tourism the most complaints were on timeshare, companies "World Traveller" and "Magellan tours". The sectors of the market with the most numbers of complaints: mobile telephones (285) home appliances (great 258), audio-video (197), home appliances (little 115). The advertisement "Consult before perchase" is published.
5 "Its not shame to inform!!!" / The newspaper " Evening St.-Petersburg" 4th of Nov. 2004. The analytics of consumers complaints Data Base and the history of the complaint makes possible to reveal a consumer index of reliability of a given company. In the table: the left column - the names of the companies, the next column - the number of complaints, the other columns - the history of complaints, the last - consumer index of reliability (IR).
6 "What are we complaining about?" / The newspaper "Quality of our Life" N 13, 27 July - 8 Aug. 2004. The review of consumers complaints in auto, footwear, washing machines and juwels goods. The conclusions and advices.
7 "The ethical business helps to survive" / The newspaper "The Business St.-Pb" 29th of Jan. 2004. Information about the 3rd Russian interregional conference "The responsibility of modern business for the development of Russian employers traditions". The goal of the conference - to proof the benefits of fair business.
8 "The consumer in techno-jungles" / The newspaper "The St.-Pb quality", N 2 (76), 2004. The report of data base consumers complaints analysis for 2003 is demonstrated. The first place in complaints belongs to Chineese footwear, then goes home appliances. Complaints in home appliances are discussed. The most complaints belong to "MERLONI"- an Italian manufacturer of washing machines. The rating of refrigerators manufactures and sellers is represented. A small home appliances is discussed also. The most numbers of complaints belong to teapots. The advantages of consumers hot line "Call it out when in doubt" is demonstrated and the phone number is given.
9 "Consult before perchase, otherwise - welcome to complaint !" / The newspaper "The St.-Pb quality", N 10 (60), 2003. The review of consumers complaints Data Base of 2002. The comparison of Data 2001/2002 of consumers market sectors: audio-video goods, cars, home appliances (great and little), dry goods, home instruments, cosmetics, furniture, paid medical services, medical goods, the real estate, footwear, studies, clothes, office equipment, utensils, the sanitary technician, sport goods, the building goods, construction, time share, tourism, household services, municipal services, line fault services, photo services, electronics, juwels.
10 "The mobile tel. as a subject of increased attention" / The newspaper "The Quality of Goods and Service" N 5(10) 2003. The rating on mobile tel. manufacturers complaints is given on the basis of Fair Business Bureau Complaints Data Base.
11 "The mobile tube is a special problem" / The newspaper "The St.-Pb quality", N 23 (73), 2003. An analysis of mobile tel. quality is made on the basis of FBB Complaints Data Base. The mobile tel. quality of the next manufacturers: Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Samsung, Ericsson, Alkatel, Simens, LG, Phillips is compared.
12 "The shop sold a defective goods on 6417 roubl. but 25100 roubl. are returned to the consumer" / The newspaper "The Quality of Goods and Service" N 3 2002. The newspaper informs about the 2nd Russian interregional conference "Ethics and quality of consumer market" and describes the conflict between the shop and consumer around gas cooker. A shopowner tried to violate a consumers law but in vain. He was punished in 4 times more then was the prise of a gas cooker.
13 "The compass for consumers in a market sea" / The newspaper "The Quality of Goods and Service" N 1 2002. The comparison of complaints numbers in 2000 and 2001 is given on the bases of FBB Complaints Data Base between different sectors of consumers market. Some remarkable problems are discussed.
14 "Give the book of complaints !" / The newspaper "The St.-Pb quality", N 6 (32), 2001. The newspaper discribes the situation about washing machines service and gives the diagram of relative % of complaints on different washing machines manufacturers: Zanussi, Samsung, Indezit, Ariston, Asko, Bosch, Ardo, Kandy, Beko.
15 ""What does FBB mean?" / The newspaper " The correspondent" N7, 2001. 70 % of businessmen don't understand what does FBB mean. They only begin to know about the ethical standards in business.
16 " About Fair Business " / The newspaper "Business week" 17 Dec. 2001 An interview with the director of FBB. Main questions: what are the goals of FBB, how does it work, what does it give to businessmen, what does it give to consumers, what are the membership criteria.
17 "Are there new Galaxy on consumer market?" / The newspaper "The St.-Pb quality", N 12, 2001 Galaxy is the name of a company which Deceived about 3000 consumers by the next way: they got money from the consumers for home appliances goods beforehand but didn't deliver the goods.
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