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Business Ethics
What are Russian features of Business Ethics?


Russian businessmen of the past considered their market activity not so much as a source of profit, how many as an original mission, the vital share, assigned to them by the God. Researches show, that irrespective of the country and culture, in the West and in the East, believing businessmen achieved more essential successes. Moral principles do not stir in affairs but assist. Therefore the Russian businessmen, industrialists, actively based on charity, rendered the considerable help poor and to invalids.

A lot of nuggets and the whole enterprise dynasties have grown from the environment of conservatives which firmly honoured Christian precepts, were always scrupulously fair with the counterparts. Being reach, such prominant Russian industrialists as Abrikosovs, Botkins, Mamontovs, Tretyakovs, Ryabushinskys, Smirnovs, Sibiryakovs, Morozovs, Prokorovs, Putilovs, Kuznetsovs and many others became serious patrons on arts and made much for social sphere at their enterprises.

Russian school of commercial education made much to form principles of business ethics in that time. The first Russian commercial college was founded 230 years ago by the assistance of famous Russian industrialists P.A.Demidov. Further development of commercial education and the highest education especially was supported by famous Russian statesman S.Y.Vitte.

In the business environment of old Russia clubs, guilds and associations were organized which were engaged in cleaning of the members also.

The mentions principles of business management used by the Russian industrialists, developed to 1912 in the following list of moral standards are worthy:

  1. Respect with authority. The order in all bases on authority, it is a condition of effective business conducting.
  2. Be fair and truthful. The Russian businessman is obliged to be the faultless carrier of virtues of honesty and truthfulness.
  3. Respect with the right of a private property. Free business is a basis of state well-being. The Russian businessman is obliged to work on sweat of the face for the blessing of the fatherland.
  4. Love and respect with the person. The love and respect for the person of work from the businessman generates reciprocal love and respect and the harmony of interests and creates an atmosphere for development in people the diversified abilities.
  5. Be true to a word. The businessman should be true to his word: «Once deceived, who to you will believe?». The word, hand shake of the businessman should be appreciated above formal pieces of paper.
  6. Live on means. Always estimate the opportunities.
  7. Be purposeful. Always have before itself the clear purpose, but any purpose cannot eclipse moral values.

It is obvious that showing a monument of ethics of the Russian business, that given list shows all inconsistent specificity of the Russian business of prerevolutionary time:

  • the concentration of actually Russian capitals in the labour-consuming branches, allowed to do business on the basis of rather small family businesses;
  • fear of expansion of scale of operations and uses of the extra capital;
  • mistrust to a joint-stock pattern of ownership;
  • belief by virtue of authority, in many respects having religious-monarchic character.

In Russian culture the traditions of private business were formed and developed in centuries and have been ruthlessly crushed by communist totalitarianism. The Russian national cultural features, being "built deeply" in public consciousness, should render the certain influence on the contents of modern Russian corporate social business responsibility. Really, higher level of a collectivism and distance of authority, no less than smaller orientation on results and on the remote time horizons, still in many respects define specificity of relations business and a society in Russia.

Wild postsoviet development of Russian capitalism gets rid of. It becomes impossible to play without rules taking into account the international integration of Russian business to which, unfortunately, while concern with mistrust by virtue of known problems of corruption and selective legality of Russian society.

Many problems of business relations with its basic subjects of activity have a moral dominant and consequently questions of business ethics conduction will be priority in the development of Russian economy in the nearest future.

For the present stage it is not a question of original Russian model of the corporate social responsibility and ethics of business but about specificity of counter expectations of business and a society, caused by the features of a transition period of economy.
In particular, special expectations of the state as the leading interested side, are capable to bring certain "skew" in the social responsibility of the company, however, as a matter of fact, they only set specific conditions at the decision of a kept tasks of steady development.

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