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The full name: Noncommercial partnership “The Fair Business Bureau of St-Petersburg”
Date of the first registration: 1997
Legal address: 191060, St-Petersburg, The Smolny, Entrance 6th, office 355
Phone: +7-812-274-28-69
Board of directors:
Ignatev Yuri Alekseevich - the general director
Dmitrieva Elena Stepanovna - the chairman of board of directors
Vasova Nadezhda Nikolaevna – the projects director
Boiko Anna Igorevna – the conflictology service director

ensure the transparency of business regarding performance of the accepted obligations to a society (consumers, employees, entrepreneurs, public organizations).

Statutory activity:

The purpose and activity subject: the partnership is created for integration of businessmen for the purpose of perfection the modern economic relations, increase of level of corporate social responsibility, creation of Ethic business norms and rules.

Activity subjects of partnership are:

  • creation and realization of the encouragement system for the commercial organizations, which activity guarantees to other subjects optimum balance of counter expectations at them relations;
  • working out of criteria (standards) of activity of the commercial organizations directed on creation of balanced conditions for interaction with other subjects of enterprise activity;
  • reporting to consumers, artificial persons, state and public organizations - full and reliable information about Partnership activity, its separate participants, their rights and duties;
  • consideration of consumer’s and artificial person’s complaints and offers of other enterprises, including members of Partnership too, on improvement of services and qualities of the goods and services;
  • organization of out-of-court settlement of conflicts system between consumers and the commercial organizations, between the commercial organizations, including the members of Partnership;
  • rendering of the all-round help to the members of Partnership;
  • organization of seminars, conferences, exhibitions, fairs;
  • organization of the safety system for the Partnership members;
  • information service for the Partnership members;
  • foundation of the noncommercial organizations, branches and Partnership representations, participation in activity of business associations and unions;
  • rendering of assistance in the organization of an independent expert examination of the goods and services, objects of environment;
  • consultation in the field of conflicts resolution, advertising, examination of the goods, services and objects of environment.

Earlier executed projects:

  • «Creation and activity of noncommercial entrepreneurs associations of «the best business» as a way of development of ethical mutual relations with the consumer» (1999, the Soros Fund grant).
  • Organization and carrying out of the I Russian Inter-regional Conference «The role of public organizations of consumers and noncommercial entrepreneurs associations in formation and development of fair business system in Russia» (2000, St.-Petersburg).
  • Participation in establishment and development of the All-Russia Union of Fair Business Associations (ARU FBA). (2000, Volgodonsk).
  • Organization and carrying out of II Russian Inter-regional Conference «Ethics and quality of the consumer market. Interaction of the Society, Business and the State». (2002, St.-Petersburg).
  • Participation in the organization and carrying out of the I Forum of entrepreneurs of St.-Petersburg. Working out of “St.-Petersburg’ entrepreneurs Code of Honor » (2003, St.-Petersburg, cooperative with the Higher school of Management of St.-Petersburg State University).
  • Participation in Governor’s of St.-Petersburg Public Council of small business. Organization of the Commission of ethics and social responsibility of business.
  • Organization and carrying out of III Russian Inter-regional Conferences «National features of the Business Ethics in Russia» (2004, St.-Petersburg).
  • Organization and carrying out of IV Russian Inter-regional Conferences «Ethics of enterprise activity. Realization of fair business norms » (2004, Perm).
  • Organization and carrying out of V Russian Inter-regional Conferences «Ethics of enterprise activity. Realization of fair business norms» with international participation. (2005, St.-Petersburg).
  • Organization and carrying out of VI All-Russian Conferences «Mechanisms of management of corporate social responsibility on the enterprises» (2007, St.-Petersburg, cooperative with the Higher school of Management of St.-Petersburg State University).
  • Organization and carrying out of the quality competition «Made in St.-Petersburg» - «Ethic business» nomination. (2008 – 2011, St.-Petersburg).

The present projects:

  • The city program «Ethic business of St.-Petersburg».
  • Information-consulting maintenance of consumers and entrepreneurs in system of fair business.
  • Creation and development of databases «Firms’ Reputation».
  • Carrying out of seminars for entrepreneurs on topical questions of the consumer market, the laws and the rights.
  • Organization of Business club «Ethic - Business - Partnership».
  • Publications in mass-media of articles on actual problems of the consumer market.

We invite to cooperation:

  • Firms and the organizations, actively and honesty working in the consumer market and interested in development of ethic business relations with consumers, business partners, employees;
  • Regional authority interested in creation of Fair Business Associations;
  • International organizations and business associations are engaged in subjects of business ethics.
  Not commercial partnership «The Fair Business Bureau of St.-Petersburg»
The address: Russia 191060 St.-Petersburg Smolny 6th entrance Tel: (7)(812) 274-28-69